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Bedbug Services

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Bed bug

Bed Bugs are considered parasitic insects, and belong to the family cimicidae. Bed bugs are very hardy, elusive, and resourceful. Being a parasitic insect, Bed bugs require a blood host (commonly humans or domestic animals) to sustain and thrive.

Once established, Bed bugs make your home their home! Bed bugs can be almost anywhere in a home. Not limited to mattresses, Bed bugs are often found in box springs, bed frames, luggage, furniture, in outlets and baseboards, on or in clothing, and can be found in any room. Areas that are properly treated can be quickly re-infested due to many reasons, but most commonly by re-introducing items infested that were not properly treated or cleaned.

Treatment of a Bed bug infestation is a highly collaborative process that requires not only a thorough professional treatment, but proper cleaning or treatment of clothing, bedding, stuffed animals, and any other items that may have come into contact.

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